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Welcome to our free Independent Annuity Calculator. Get indicative rates without any personal details. Just put in the age you intend to purchase an Annuity, and your estimated pension value. You can get a firm quote from a whole of market Annuity Expert if you wish to proceed.

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The Annuity Calculator is a guidance system which aids you in your search for an appropriate Annuity.

Defaqto Media suggests that all transactional decisions are discussed with an appropriate IFA before being acted upon. In addition many of the products in the Annuity sector are only sold via the Intermediary sector and therefore need to be purchased via an appropriate IFA.

Tips on how to use the annuity calculator

When you can buy an annuity

For most people, a pension annuity will be purchased between the ages 55 and 75. A few people in special circumstances may be able to avoid annuity purchase at age 75, but most people will purchase an Annuity aged between 55 and 75.


The amount your pension fund will buy depends on your age and state of health as these two factors affect how long you are expected to live. The older you are when you buy an annuity, the higher the amount you are likely to be quoted because the annuity provider (an insurance company) is unlikely to have to pay you for as many years as someone who starts taking their annuity income at a younger age.

State of health

Similarly, if you are suffering from a medical condition or illness which is likely to reduce your life expectancy, your annuity provider will pay you more because you are likely to survive fewer years than someone in good health of the same age. The same applies if you are a smoker or obese.


The rates shown above are gender neutral, following the ruling made in the EU Gender Directive, effective 21st December 2012.

Spouses’ and partners’ pensions

If you want your spouse or partner to have an income after you die, you will want to buy a ‘joint life’ annuity. This will reduce the amount you receive (compared to if you bought a ‘single life’ annuity), but will guarantee your partner or spouse an income for life after your death. Enter their age in the ‘partner’s age’ box.

You can choose what percentage of your annuity income you want your partner to receive – typically, 100%, 66% or 50%. The higher the amount you choose for your partner, the lower your initial income will be. Annuity Calculator in partnership with Retirement Solutions Limited

Always seek Independent Advice before purchasing complex, long-term financial products like Annuities. Retirement Solutions can execute your desired transaction, explore the open market for the most appropriate proposition for your needs, and explain the options available to you. For a free initial discussion from a regulated financial consultant visit the Retirement Solutions Annuity Helpline website now.

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